Janine Kelly

For everyone who would like to know who´s the voice behind the famous words “this one is dedicated …”

This is Janine Kelly-Fiddes, she spoke the words when she was eleven. She was born on 23rd, March 1984 in London and is Oliver´s niece. She came to visit Oliver from London in Oliver´s studio in Münster in 1993. She gave her voice the first album of Dune. Furthermore in the second album “Expedicion” her vocals are included, as in Anna´s song “Over the mountain”.

With 15 years Janine moved from London to Germany, where she lived in Oliver´s home city Münster. In Münster she finished school. Today Janine is living in Bergen Belsen with her husband, a soldier of the british army, and her daughter named Aaliyah. In 2009 Dune and Janine reunited for “Hardcore Vibes 2009”!