Tina Lacebal

Tina Lacebal was born on August 3rd, 1976. She was Dune vocalist for only a half a year (1998). Following the departure of Vanessa and the minimal success, Dune decided to record another classical ballads album with Tina Lacebal.

As Tina was a friend of Oliver´s girlfriend, Dune did not have to look very far for their new vocalist. Tina was delighted to provide the vocals for this second “Forever” album, titled “Forever and Ever”.

One single was selected from the “Forever and Ever” album, “One of us”, a cover of the Abba classic. The video shoot for this single took place in Iceland. Unfortunately both the single and album achieved only mediocre success, reaching number 56 and 72 respectively in the German charts. No more singles were lifted from the “Forever and Ever” album and Tina and Dune parted ways soon after.