Vanessa Hörster

Vanessa Hörster was born on May 22nd 1978 in Dorsten. When she was a child it was clear, that she would become a singer. She sung actuall Hits and wrote them down.

With 10 years she had her first entertainment. After a short moment she established a coverband named “Wheels”. On many parties in the Münsterland they covered songs from Mariah Carey, Alanis Morissette and other singer.

End of 1997 she met the producer of the dance-projekt DUNE, Oliver Froning and Jens Oettrich.

In April 1998 Dune presented their new frontlady. Vanessa celebrated her debut with the single “Keep the Secret” by Dune.

With the following sentence Vanessa and Dune made their fans so lucky “For 2000 years and more everyone is searching for secrets and the history, all this happened long ago, all the stories that we know, history goes on and on.”

After Keep the Secret the single “Electric Heaven” was released in summer 1998. Electric Heaven wasn´t a big success, and Vanessa left Dune.

Today Vanessa works on serveral projects as background-singer. For example LOONA and DJ SAMMY. She toured in Germany with her band Wheels for several years.

Currently she has a coverband under the name “Vanessa & Kubo” together with gitarist Dirk Kubowicz.